To measure the goodness of life

To measure the goodness of life by its delights and pleasures and safety is to apply a false standard. The abundant life does not consist of a glut of luxury. It does not make itself content with commercially produced pleasure, the nightclub idea of what is a good time, mistaking it for joy and happiness. On the contrary, obedience to law, respect for others, mastery of self, joy in service--these constitute the abundant life.
Thomas S. Monson, "In Quest of the Abundant Life", Ensign, Mar. 1988, 2

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deals through the 13th

Meat Sale
99 cent/lb all chicken (whole, thighs, breasts)
$2.99/lb boneless beef rump or sirloin tip
$2.99-$3.99/lb. Deli sliced ham and turkey (go to Deli for fresh sliced, 1/2 the price of pre-packed name-brands, fresher too)
10 for $10 anthenos hummus, pepsi or 7up 2 liters,
2 for $4 neslte toll house chocolate morsels 10-12 oz bags
Droger flour, $1.79 5 lb

A Fresh Marketplace
$2.79/lb cross rib pot roasts
$1.59/lb sirloin chops
$1.49/lb split chicken breats
Paper COUPON 15 for $10 vitamin water, powerade, fuze
2 for $5 Guittard baking chocolate chips
99 cent candycanes

$1.99 lb lean ground chuck
$1.49/lb chicken breasts
2 for $3 clover clbu potato chips
79 cents Langer's apple cider (10 oz., $1.79 for 24 oz)
78 cent langer's frozen juice
79 cent mini and large marshmellow
79 cent WF white or wheat bread loaves
89 cent pineapple, canned (LOWER than case lot prices)
5 for $5 hunts marinara, WF gummies, WF stuffing, chef boyardee, roarita, kool-aid bursts, WF skillet meals, and picsweet frozen vegi (same at Lee's)
89 cent 3-pack dry active yeast
$1.99 Hershey's and Heath baking chocolate chips (! lowest)

Lee's (see previous listing)
lowest price for overall produce, esp. citrus

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