To measure the goodness of life

To measure the goodness of life by its delights and pleasures and safety is to apply a false standard. The abundant life does not consist of a glut of luxury. It does not make itself content with commercially produced pleasure, the nightclub idea of what is a good time, mistaking it for joy and happiness. On the contrary, obedience to law, respect for others, mastery of self, joy in service--these constitute the abundant life.
Thomas S. Monson, "In Quest of the Abundant Life", Ensign, Mar. 1988, 2

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meal Planning For Two...

Newly weds. Empty-nesters. Roomates. First time Momma's with hard (late) working husbands.
What to do when 5:00 jumps up...
Yes, I've been there too: chiseling a 10lb frozen chicken breast brick, trying to portion out packs of steak, or just making too much soup because you can't divide 4 full cans or anything into a 2 portion meal. And your dinner companion starts complaining that your good 'ol stand-ins are the only three options you make.
Don't give up! There are ways around such dilemmas my friend. Dinner can be enjoyable once again!

Tip no.1: Know your butcher. He'll save your day months in advance. You see, for FREE your local butcher can individually pre-package bacon, steaks (beef or fish), chicken, sausage, lunch meat, and hamburger for a dainty meal size- even from store pre-packaged meats.
EXAMPLE: So, I go to buy roast when it is on sale, I chat with my friendly butcher (Smith's off 8th and Main in Logan) and ask him to trim it and grind it for 80% lean. He's happy to help! And will even package it in 1/2 lb portions, freezer wrapped, labeled and dated. This is much cheaper on two fold: 1) on sale roast is much better than regular priced hamburger (tastes better and is fresher too) and 2) I don't throw out good meat due to too many leftovers or freezer burn.
This is wonderful for freezer space, on the spur BLTs, and completely removes the hassle of freezer wrapping everything myself.
p.s. he'll even trim your fatty roast and remove the bone, and re-weigh it and mark it for less money. yes! he does!

Tip. No.2: plan a meat to last 3 meals. The first meal the meat is the main course (served whole or a hearty serving), the second meal it is sliced, the third it is ground/minced/chopped. Example: Roast beef with mashed potatoes and greens, Hearty stew, (drain) English Pasties. -or- Orange Chicken with Almond, Stir Fry with green beans and carrots, Garden wraps with Chicken. (you get the idea? ) This dramatically decreases your leftovers, salvages any budget, and eliminate the hassle of daily meal planning: choose two meats and your week is done.