To measure the goodness of life

To measure the goodness of life by its delights and pleasures and safety is to apply a false standard. The abundant life does not consist of a glut of luxury. It does not make itself content with commercially produced pleasure, the nightclub idea of what is a good time, mistaking it for joy and happiness. On the contrary, obedience to law, respect for others, mastery of self, joy in service--these constitute the abundant life.
Thomas S. Monson, "In Quest of the Abundant Life", Ensign, Mar. 1988, 2

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deals through Dec. 10th

Wintertime! Food in season: citrus, butter, cheese, meats, bread, and whole nuts.
For dates on seasonal items on sale on the calendar year, check out the 3 Month buying guide on the lower right hand corner. (Wait to buy hot cocoa when it's 50 cent a box, and not $1).
Great buys going on right now:
39 cent/lb navel oranges in bags (you select)
34 cent/lb navel oranges in boxes
99 cent/lb tangerines
33 cent/lb grapefruit
50 cent each avacado
50 cent each green pepper
39 cent/lb russet potato
99 cent/lb Roma tomatoes
10 for $10 WF sour cream, fruit snacks, pineapple (canned), WF pasta, jumbo refridgerated biscuits, stuffing mix, mini marshmellows, pasta skillet meal mixes, marshmellow cream, picsweet frozen vegetables, Hunt's marinara sauce (canned), Chef Boyardee pastas, Act II microwavable popcorn, Tropicana frozen orange juice concentrate
93 cents Langer's Frozen Juice Concentrate
59 cent WF diced tomatoes
$1.99 WF 32 oz corn syrup
BOGO FREE colgate toothpaste with store coupon
Milk: $1.79 gal.
Large eggs: $1.39

Macy's (through Tuesday the 6th)
99 cent/lb apples
49 cent/lb bananas
79 cent DaVinci pasta
69 cent WF pasta mixes (sides)
99 cent Holiday wrapping paper

89 cent/lb Broc. and Cauli
44 cent. yellow onion
10 for $10 Barilla pasta (whole wheat pastas, too), snackpack pudding cups 4pck, Kroger canned fruit, Twix, Snickers (same deal at A Fresh Marketplace too)
3 for $5 5lb flour
$1.89/4lb sugar
2 for $3 Langer's Apple Juice, 1/2 gal
99 cent Kroger Cream Cheese and Neufantzel Cheese
Eggs, large: 4 for $5 ($1.25)

A Fresh Marketplace
10lb for $10 apples and pears
4 for $5 powdered and brown sugar (case lot price)
10 for $10 mix and match deals (see Smith's)

Lower's Outlet, 700 South 200 West
Richmond, Utah 84333 (on the highway, on the eastern side, the outlet is the new red cabin addition to the huge Lower's Food factory). Monday-Friday, 10am to 6pm.
Lower's Outlet in Richmond is a great place to buy meats. They are a meat supplier for resturants and Deli's, meaning the have a wide selection of meals ready to go (just heat): pot roast, roast beef in a'ju sauce, pulled pork, and a great selection of pulled chicken (taco, lime, bbq, wood smoked) and deli meats that you can through into sandwiches, tacos, crepes, paninis all 1/2- to 1/4 the cost of grocery store prices. (20lb. chicken for $12, $2/lb pastrami that is usually $8/lb, etc.). Buy in bulk, bag meal sizes for your family, and freeze up to 12 months. Save hundreds of dollars a year!